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Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

Conference in Odense, Denmark




The Open School is a public school, which includes its environment. It is supposed that the local cultural and social life must be included in the school's work. In addition to promoting the School's subjects and purposes, such a new cooperation also promote local cohesion and help the pupils to be better acquainted with other age groups.


The conference was meant as an orientation about the possibilities and experience in the work to get children and elderly people to meet and cooperate.


A main issue was, how to engage the new possibilities of cooperation between children and their grandparents?


Conference programme

- The open school, March 2015 in Odense



English summary of the programme


10:15 Breakfast Buffet


10:45 Welcome

by Bente von Schindel, chairman of MOF


10:50 The open school and the surrounding community

By Bente von Schindel, chaiirman


11:20 Art and culture can bring an extra dimension and reach people who

are challenged in life.

By Lars Geer Hammershøj, Ph.D., associate professor at the

Department of Education (DPU, AU)


12:30 Lunch Buffet with a beer / water


13:30 Kulturgyngen in Halsnæs Municipality

Cultural Council of Halsnæs In the autumn conducted a pilot work,

where culture member associations have collaborated with a

number of schools to provide art and culture to school children in

collaboration with their grandparents. The pilot Work has been part of the

Nordplus project "Culture guides for Active Ageing"

By Annette Aare, Cultural Council Halsnæs.


14:15 Culture Guides in the Municipality of Køge

Cultural Council of Køge and schools in Køge have also started cooperation

between children and grandparents on cultural activities offered by cultural


By Mogens Petersen and Astrid Tyroll, Cultural Council, Municipality of Køge


14:45 Coffee, tea and cake


15:00 Culture in schools - what are the options

The Open School is also a unique opportunity for the elderly to inspire

children and young people to participate in voluntary culture activities.

By Julie Katlev, Consultant, Municipality of Køge


15:45 How do we do in the City of Copenhagen

The Culture and Leisure department in Copenhagen has established

cooperation between the elderly, schools, voluntary associations and cultura


By Rikke Skovfoged, School and Recreation, City of Copenhagen


16.30 Closing


This development project has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers' funding program for lifelong learning, Nordplus Adult, administered by the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation (UI).



Culture Guides

Participants at the conference