Culture Guides

for Active Ageing


the project leaders from the participating organisations



The partnership circle cionsits of four Nordic-Baltic organisations from the area of liberal adult education and voluntary arts.

You are welcome to contact the project leaders from the four organisations, if you

◾ want to know more about the Culture Guide concept;

◾ need advice or support to initiate Culture Guide acticities;

◾ or have ideas for future collaboration on Culture Guide services.



Applicant org.: Danish National Association of Adult Education in Art and Culture (MOF-DK)


Contact person: Bente von Schindel, chairman, MA (Nordic Literature and Rhetoric)


Phone: (+45) 45 41 19 97



Co-applicant org.: Rite Folk High School, Latvia


Contact person: Niels Bendix Knudsen, Head of School


Phone: (+45) 62 51 23 45 or (+371) 26 63 15 52



Co-applicant org.: Tartu Folk High School, Estonia


Contact person: Ingrid Leinus, Training and project manager


Phone: (+372) 736 1543



Co-applicant org.: Estate Academy of Museum Rumsiskes (RMDA)


Contact person: Gita Sapranauskaite, director


Phone: (+370) 699 17869


This development project has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers' funding program for lifelong learning, Nordplus Adult, administered by the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation (UI).


This web site reflects the views only of the project consortium, and the Administrators of the Nordplus programme cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Decision making



The Steering Committee of the project consists of the four project leaders from each participating organisation.


It holds the supreme authority with reference to the approved work programme and the conditions of the Grant Contract with the Chief Administrator of the Nordplus Adult programme.