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The Partnership Circle


The partnership circle cionsits of four Nordic-Baltic organisations from the area of liberal adult education and voluntary arts.

The Danish National Association of Adult Education in Art and Culture (MOF-DK)

Rite Folk High School from Latvia

Tartu Folk High School from Estonia

Estate Academy of Museum Rumsiskes from Lithuania

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Forms of collaboration


The partnership will use a participative and democratic approach, where we share ideas, work and responsibilities,.

We will from the start seek to generate ownership and high commitment amongst all team members and keep a high level of mutual reporting and evaluations of the project progress.

The Steering Committee (i.e. the four project leaders from each organisation) holds the supreme authority with reference to the approved work programme and the conditions of the Grant Contract.


This development project has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers' funding program for lifelong learning, Nordplus Adult, administered by the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation (UI).

Quality assurance


Quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation are closed connected in a well organised project.

The work programme consists of eight chronological work packages that correspond to the eight main step to reach the conclusion of the project.

In this work breakdown structure of the work programme, the completion of each package constitutes a main mile stone, and the part tasks in the package constitutes a chain of part mile stones.