Rite, Sept 2013

Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

First partner meeting

At Rite Folk High School in Latvia, 11 - 13 September 2013



Niels and Lis from Rite Folk High School (LV)

Bente and Hans from MOF (DK).

Ingrid and Ene from Tartu Day high School (EE).

Vita and Jovita from Nalma (LT).


Aim and objectives

The overall aim of this kick-off meeting is to clarify the essentials

of the project and promote performing teams with a shared ownership and thereby bridging the way forward for the project.


The objectives are

  • To get to know each other as persons, professionals and institutions
  • To clarify the project idea, budget and schedule of work programme
  • To have a brain storm and plan possible cultural guide work by each partner
  • To clarify the legal and financial conditions
  • To plan the transversal tasks with dissemination and evaluation as integral parts of the whole work programme
  • To detail plan the work programme of the next phase
  • To evaluate the start-up and the first meeting











Reports from the meeting

Summaries of discussions and decisions


Item 3b: Experiences with Culture Guide activities in own organisation

The idea of culture guide services is new, and therefore no partners have former experiences with this specific activity; however all have to some degree been involved in related activities, where their organisation have involved senior citizens in learning activities with a cultural dimension.

Item 4a: Clarify the overall project plan

The idea of the project is to use the new trends of ”citizens help citizens” and “sustainable culture” to meet the needs of including low-users/no-users of culture and art, and the innovative method is to use “culture guides” as volunteers.

The “culture guide idea” is innovative and therefore we cannot present examples of “best practice”, because we don’t have former examples to compare with. Instead we can develop our own new examples as “good practice”.

Item 4b: Short presentations of initial plans of local culture guide works

The conlusions were:

  • The partners differ in many respects, so they need to have much flexibility and freedom in their own planning and implementation of the pilot work.
  • Try less ambitious plans, because we have few resources from the budget to cover a difficult task; however, everyone is welcome to make more ambitious plans for their own resources or local additional funding.
  • Within 4 weeks after this first meeting - i.e. Monday 14 October 2014 – all shall outline their local plan as a basis for mutual inspiration, critic and exchange of experiences.
  • During the pilot work in WP 03, we shall report to each other, what we’re working with, even small things. Summary of the work progress may be presented at the project website.
  • The visual identity of the project website shall signal surplus, colour and life joy for senior citizens participating in culture and arts. The address of the website is www.nordplus-cultureguides.dk

Item 8: Detail planning of the next steps

The meeting decided that

  • The Minutes of the meeting including appendices shall be e-mailed to the partnership latest Monday, 23 Sept
  • The Partner Agreement shall be signed by all partner latest Monday, 23 September.
  • All partners make a short written description of their local pilot plans during the next 4 weeks; and e-mail these to the partnership latest 14 October.
  • Thereafter the partnership can have a virtual dialog with mutual advices and exchange of ideas, before each partner makes their plans for the pilot work. Furthermore, the partnership continues to give mutual information about the progress of the work during WP 3.
  • The final reporting of the work and outcome of WP 3 must be e-mailed latest 1 week before the second partner meeting, i.e. before 29 May 2014.
  • The date of the second partner meeting in Tartu, Estonia is 5 – 6 June 2014.


Four flags and eight partners. Our coordinator is not in front of but behind the camera.

Cultural event










The 11 September 2013, Rite Public School celebrated the conclusion of the Nordplus Horizontal project about Senior Volunteers in primary Schools.

At the event a Senior Handbook was presented and there were adresses by Laima Grebska, principal of the school; Niels Bendix Knudsen, project leader; Arvids Kviesis, mayor of Nereta region; and senior spokesman Dainis Naburgs.

The partnership of this senior project included Rite Folk High School and Swedish and Danish partners.

We, the participants at the kick-off meting of our Nordplus Adult project abourt culture guides had the honour to be invited as guests to this great event