Tartu, April 2014

Second partner meeting

At Tartu Folk High School in Estonia, 5 - 6 June 2014




Bente and Hans from MOF (DK).

Niels from Rite Folk High School (LV)

Ingrid and Ene from Tartu Folk High School (EE)

Gita from RMDA (LT)


Aim and objectives

The overall aim of this second meeting was to bridge the first and second project phase, summarizing the state of the project and lead the way forward for the project.


The objectives were

  1. To present local project plans and course proposals developed in WP3
  2. To evaluate the key outcomes of the terminating phase and designing the activities in the next phase


Agenda and cultural programme

The agenda can be seen here


The minutes can be seen here


Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

Partners at the old city hall in Tartu

Reports from the meeting

The initiated local pilot work in WP 03, Oct 2013 - June 2014


Rite Folk High School, atvia - by NIels Bendix:

Rite has 3 local culture guides: A former teacher from the school, a chairman from the school and a worker from the municipality. They have had more meetings about how to deal with the task.

It resulted in two projects: Old time movies for elderly and a lottery with small prices. The elderly people who saw the movies can’t leave their elder house because there is no elevator. They havn‘t left it for more than 10 years. The difficulties in the lottery project are a. o. how to motivate people to come.


Estate Academy of Museum Rumsiskes, Lithuania - by Gita Sapranauskaite

We work with a “travel time” method – e.g. pretending the year is 1945. It is based on local things. They talk of what changes? It can e.g. be a Sunday in a certain year – a religious feast. The participants are confronted with former problems, which they confronted with problems from their own time. In May 9 people joined the seminar


Tartu Folk High School, Estonia - by Ingrid Leinus

We had our training seminar for voluinteers on the 26th of Martch.

The acitivties will be: Visiting exhibitions, museums, botanic garden, eco-house, library (reading newspapers, using computer etc.Participation in aged people university (University of Tartu). Storytelling and writing down stories (special workshop in Tartu Folk High School). Arts, handicraft workshops, study circles and cultural evenings (in Tartu Folk High school, day care centres, cultural houses), also lead by cultural guides themselves (if they have some special skills).

Information in web about free events, centres where elderly people can participate. Plan activities in daytime, not evening. Good examples of mentors in other towns


National Association of Adult Education in Art and Culture, Denmark - by Bente von Schindel

MOF-DK had totally changed the initial project idea. That happened because for the time being we are busy in

Denmark changing our school system and at the same time, there is much political focus on participation in cultural life from the part of the children. Therefore we combined these things.

The Cultural Council of the municipality of Halsnaes has been chosen as a project team. People from the member associations are culture guides and so are the schoolchildren. There have been meetings with the stakeholders which are the school leaders and the teachers; and a presentation of the cultural activities has been made.

There will be two local courses for the culture guides – one for the members of the associations of the cultural councils and one for the children. The end users will be their grandparents.


Cultural event




Guided culture tour in the city centre.