RMDA, Lithuania

Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

Museum Rumšiškės, Lithuania

Initiating the local pilot work, Oct 2013 - June 2014 - the first step



The Estate Academy of Museum Rumsiskes has planned to work with the “travel time” method – e.g. pretending the year is 1945.


The method is based on local evens and things. The participants will be helped to travel back in time and experience the changes from the past to now. A place to start can e.g. be a Sunday in a certain year – a religious feast.


Thereby the participants are confronted with former problems and reflects on the challenges of their current life situation.


Essentials of the initial planning can be downloaded here.

The report of the initial work during the period: October 2013 - June 2014 can be downloaded here.


Culture guide pilot services

Completing the pilot services, June - Nov 2014 - the second step



The Lithuanian pilot work focussed on learning through heritage, using the method of "time travel" where learning about historical facts is combined with in-volvement of values, feelings, attitudes and capacity to reflect.

The seminar for future culture guides, May 2014 had 29 participants, and 9 became culture guides in the pilot work. The theme of the pilot services was "time travel events" with focus on holidays in the country in 1930 and 1940’erne. The four completed events at the Museum involved inter-generational groups of participants of approx. 40. Here young people also acted for the elder with dancing, acting etc.


Seminar for volunteers



The seminar for future culture guides took place 9 May 2014.

Culture Guide Services


young people also acted for the elder with dancing at Public institution Estate Academy of Museum Rumsiskes