Rite, Latvia

Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

Rite, Latvia

Initiating the local pilot work, Oct 2013 - June 2014 - the first step



Rite Folk High School initiated the pilot work by involving the school's strong network of resource persons. The recruitment of new volunteers was combined with cultural events at the school.


Essentials of the initial planning can be downloaded here.


The report of the initial work during the period: October 2013 - June 2014 can be downloaded here.




Culture guide pilot services

Completing the pilot services, June - Nov 2014 - the second step



The group of culture guides helped other older people, who were isolated at home and for various reasons never get out to gain new impressions and inspiration.


The activities included a 1-day excursion to Riga and visits to events at the High School, such a two films in the new film club, two evenings with bingo, some days with handicraft and how to make hammocks using finger knitting.


Rite Folk High SChool's report of the completed pilot work can be downloaded here



Normally around 15 people participate in the arrangements, that also included offerings of some food in cosy socializing.


Culture Guide course

Niels Bendix has presentation at the guide seminar

Culture Guide Activiy



Lottery with new groups of participants