Tartu, Estonia

Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

Tartu, Estonia

Initiating the local pilot work, Oct 2013 - June 2014 - the first step



The planned culture guide activities include:

- Visiting exhibitions, museums, botanic garden, eco-house,

library (reading newspapers, using computer etc.

- Participation in aged people university (University of Tartu).

- Storytelling and writing down stories (special workshop in

Tartu Folk High School).

- Arts, handicraft workshops, study circles and cultural

evenings (in Tartu Folk High school, day care centres,

cultural houses), also lead by cultural guides themselves

(if they have special skills).



Information about the culture guide services include:

- at web about free events,

- at centres where elderly people can participate.

- the activities take place in daytime, not evening.




The report of the initial work during the period: October 2013 - June 2014 can be downloaded here.



Culture guide pilot services

Completing the pilot services, June - Nov 2014 - the second step !



Concert in Tartu church.

The group of culture guides included 10 active ladies, each visits approximately 3-4 aged persons on a personal level as well as groups in caring houses for aged.


The ladies appreciated a lot being a companion lady, because it gives sense of being useful, it gives possibility to learn new things and to widen social circle.


Most of them helped someone from relatives or people from neighbourhood whom they knew earlier.




Tartu Folk High School's report of the completed pilot work can be downloaded here



Seminar for volunteers