Halsnæs, Denmark

Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

Halsnæs, Denmark

Initiating the local pilot work, Oct 2013 - June 2014 - the first step



MOF's plan for the local pilot work has two main steps:

  1. The pilot work is planned and the local project teams are established and other stakeholders involved in the preparation, during the period: October 2013 - June 2014.
  2. The actual culture guide pilot services is then completed, during the period: June - Nov 2014.


From Guide seminar, Aug 2014

Culture guide pilot services

Completing the pilot services, June - Nov 2014 - the second step


From the concluding event in Gjethuset

The main activityof the local pilot work was founded on a cooperation between the cultural associations and the schools in Halsnæs municipality.

The schools organized a number of lessons where the associations were involved in / carried out educational culture programs for the pupils together with their grandparents. As it was a problem to select the marginalised pupils from the rest of the class, whole classes were joining the project together with their grandparents.



Altogether eight courses were held with a total attendance of 250 people.All teams have produced exhibition material from posters to handicrafts, which were subsequently showcased at a reception and exhibition in the culture center called Gjethuset, 5 Nov 2014.


MOF's report of the completed pilot work can be downloaded here

Culture Guide seminar


MOF completed the Culture Guide seminar for volunteers and managers, August 2014.


The seminar programme can be seen here.




Completed pilot work




Prersentation of results at the concluding event