Culture Guides

for Active Ageing

Aims and objectives

For the welfare state it is important that everyone has equal access to art and culture


The overall aim is to help social marginalised senior citizens to fell less excluded, gain more self-esteem, experience personal development in order to improve their quality of life.


This will be done by developing and promoting new culture guide services in the voluntary arts and culture associations targeting current low- or non-users of art and culture among marginalised social groups, especially with focus on learning for senior citizens.


The objectives are

  • to develop new methodologies and management skills as well as local training courses for culture guide volunteers;
  • to recruit a group of potential volunteers and provide them with the needed training and information;
  • to implement a series of pilot work with local culture guide offerings for a selected group of marginalised citizens (seniors);
  • to present the results in a Handbook, on conferences, and on web portal for culture guide activities.


A challenge of modern citizenship

New needs for adult education and learning in the area of art and culture


For the welfare state it is important that everyone has equal access to art and culture.

However, there are still social marginalized senior citizens who are not themselves able to take the initiative to participate in society and therefore feel excluded. And the prospects that the State can do something about this are few.


Voluntary organizations would like to contribute to meet this challenge,. The cultural associations are - besides sport - the largest voluntary sector and therefore a "citizen help citizen" project within art and culture will help to create a sustainable society where everyone will be able to participate.

This contribution means that the cultural associations strengthen their organizational learning capacity, that new culture guides strengthen their formal learning and the end-users, the seniors will have their informal learning strengthened.

Goals of Culture Policy


The Nordic/ and Baltic countries have as a main cultural policy goal to promote art and culture to the entire population, but are confronted with the recurring problem of large residual groups of non-users, especially among social marginalised and seniors.


The most appropriate way to meet this problem is by “citizen help citizen”. Therefore the partnership, including four organisations for voluntary arts and culture, intent to provide new “culture guide services”, where volunteers can act as guides by introducing and helping marginalised social seniors to participate in local art and culture activities

Marginalised from art and culture


The report from the Danish Ministry of Culture, "The cultural habits of Danes, 2012 indicates that the social groups with a short education and low income, groups marginalised from the work life and some senior citizens are low-users or often non-users of the local art and culture offerings.